#Mealprepsundays: 10 Toothsome Meal Prep Ideas (March,Week 3)

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1. Hitting fitness goals like a boss! @physioash

This week’s meal prep is for 2 – all meals = total cost $89. Eating healthy does NOT have to cost a fortune. Food that isn’t pictured are eggs, protein powder + almond milk, & Greek yogurt for him (all of which is included in the total cost for the week).

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs (will make each morning) with sausage links & coffee
  • Lunch: Homemade old fashioned chicken noodle soup (@dishesanddustbunnies) & Moroccan chickpea quinoa power salads (recipe via @littlespicejar – more in fridge, not pictured). Also, froze two liters of soup!
  • Supper: Turkey or beef meatballs (adapted from @skinnytaste meatloaf recipe) w/ rice and green beans or steamed broccoli
  • Snacks: apples & PB, @so_delicious raspberry coconut yogurt and pineapple (me) + Greek yogurt for him; protein shakes

2. All set for the week. @thea.estelle7

  • Beef tacos with pico de gallo and guacamole
  • Chicken stir fry with a ton of veggies and brown rice
  • Pulled pork and baked sweet potatoes
  • Then just some bulk veggies all prepped so they can be used during the week.

3. Plant-based mealprep completed for only 4.5 hours. @theplantedone

Washed, cooked, cut, cleaned, sliced, spiralized, blended, mixed, baked, stirred and stored all of my plant based meals for the week. The only thing I need to worry now is cleaning the dirty dishes!
my planted week – 🌱👇🏻 wake up 🌞: water + lemon juice! – always.

  • Breakfast:
    • Homemade vanilla oat and chia seed pudding with mixed fruit and left over matcha granola
    • Gluten and sugar free blueberry/walnut muffins
    • (not pictured) @theplantedone super green morning smoothie – this week including chaga, ashwagandha and chlorella
  • lunches and dinners:
    • Sweet potato and black bean burrito rice bowls or wraps (in collard greens!) with sweet corn salsa and cashew cream sauce (from @meghantelpner)
    • Balsamic maple tempeh on all the greens (from the UnDiet Cookbook another @meghantelpner fave!)
    • Rainbow salads with homemade creamy herb dressing
    • (not pictured) vegetable lentil soup with turmeric cauli and freshly sprouted sprouts
    • All the fixin’s for a super yummy hummus sandwiches and red cabbage slaw
      snack attacks:

      • Apples
      • Cut celery and carrots (w hummus)
      • Kombucha
      • Dried apricots + almonds
      • @genuinehealth fermented vegan bars

All plantbased, full of nutrients, gluten free, reduced sugar and delish!

4. When a busy week is expected. @kaylaraela

  • Ham & bean soup
  • Lemon chicken w/ tabouleh
  • Broccoli & cheese egg bake
  • More veggies.

5. Whole 30 meal prep. @sangria_on_the_rocks

  • Meal 1: Egg white muffins and a pear
  • Meal 2: Chicken meatballs with homemade ranch dressing and watermelon, cucumber, and mint salad
  • Meal 3: Ground beef sloppy joe, roasted green and white asparagus, and baked sweet potato
  • Meal 4: Gumbo with chicken, chicken sausage, and shrimp with cauliflower rice

6. Rainbow finish! @suejacques28

  • Steak and chicken kababs both marinated
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Snap peas
  • Cauliflower bites
  • Sweet potatoes and bell peppers

7. Meal prep hack and some. @becks_mealprep

30 minutes in groceries
20 minutess in the morning
2 hours in the afternoon in the kitchen

Small apartment #lifehack – if you run out of counter space you can let your meals cool on the floor

Trying to increase my protein this week, so I let some turkey chili simmer in the slow cooker while eating delicious brunch @lolaskitchento with @colleenr13 (their home fries are amazing)

Dinners: Stuffed chicken breast with cheese and spinach, roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts. Plus overnight oats, hard boiled eggs and chia seed pudding for snacks. 

8. Food heaven for 5! @orangegoat14

  • Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls
  • Chicken Parmesan and Pasta
  • Beef Stew
  • Raw Veggies
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Fruit
  • Vanilla Protein Puppy Chow

9. Anyone who wants to try Intermittent Fasting? @seb_fit_31

Lunch: 639 kcal L 20 g G 75 g P 44 g

  • 300 g of sweet potatoes
  • 150 g of chicken
  • 200 g of green beans
  • 2 cc of olive oil .

Dinner: 741 kcal L 27 g G 92 g P 38 g

  •  100 g of basmati rice
  • 125 g of salmon
  • 200 g of broccoli
  • 2 cc of olive oil .
  • I add 20 g of nuts per meal plus one apple at lunchtime and 30g of casein self not counted in the macros above .

10. What a teacher’s meal prep looks like. @thepracticalprep

  • Breakfast: sautéed greens + mushrooms + chicken sausage
  • Lunch: balsamic pork tenderloin + roasted green beans + rainbow carrots
  • Snack: sugar snap peas + Rx bar / Thunderbird bar
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