#Mealprepsundays: 10 Enjoyable Meal Prep Ideas (March,Week 3)

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1. Somebody is prepared to crush the week ahead! @sangria_on_the_rocks

  • Meal 1: Egg white muffins and roasted potato
  • Meal 2: Whole30 shepherd’s pie with arugula and balsamic vinegar
  • Meal 3: Roasted chicken, sautéed bell pepper and onion, and fried plantains
  • Meal 4: Ground beef sloppy joe, mashed sweet potato, jicama, and watermelon

2. I, too, would you like to eat colors. @omn0mnoms

  • Low Carb Shredded Chicken Protein Bowls
  • Chocolate Protein Pancakes
  • Cottage Cheese With Pineapple Mango Chunks

3. Three-day meal prep mean three days of nutritious food! @fit_junction

  • Lunch: Brown rice, grilled chicken and cucumber/grape tomato salad.
  • Dinner: Sweet potato, ground turkey and grilled veggies.

4. Refusing to fail this week. @emily_sue12

  • Meal 1: Veggie salad with shredded orange pepper chicken (I also made an orange poppyseed dressing)
  • Meal 2: Balsamic lime Brussels sprouts with garlic roasted carrots and Cajun cod

5. Spice up you week with some healthy delicious meals. @hanickamayumi

  • Meyer lemon and Thai basil baked tilapia with brown basmati rice and steamed asparagus
  • Brown basmati and tandoori chicken thighs (I’ll still need to make a cucumber salad to go with this)
  • 3 tilapia portions with only asparagus (for the rest days)
  • Adobo spiced ground pork in separate portions
  • Some extra basmati rice

6. Taking the week with the healthiest weapon. @thea_estelle

  • Burrito bowls with barbacoa, cilantro lime rice, black beans, lettuce, and pico de gallo
  • Baked sweet potatoes, shredded buffalo chicken, and some raw veggies
  • Frozen tilapia and salmon in foil meal packs
  • Super exciting hard-boiled eggs
  • Veggie heavy smoothie packs

7. Ready to go breakfasts and lunches for the unstoppable! @amacvey

  • Breakfast: Fatatta w/ ground buffalo, sweet potatoes, eggs, and bell peppers
  • Lunch: Mixed “super” greens, blue berries, black berries, goji berries, sliced almonds, fennel, carrots, romanesco cauliflower, and tri tip with paleochef dressing

8. Veggie prep that won’t let you down! @new.fit.beginning

  • Meal 1: Pita stuffed with cherry tomatoes, crisp lettuce and healthy chicken salad. Inspired by @elmealprephacks & @buzzfeedtasty
  • Meal 2: Mexican salad with fajita flavoured chicken, kale, cucumber, green onion, corn, avocado & cherry tomato. Dressed with fresh squeezed lemon juice.
  • Snack: Brownie bites balls rolled in coconut

9. Making something out of nothing. @susieqfabmama

  • Breakfast: Kale/sweet potatoes
  • Morning snack: Banana choc chip muffin/raw almonds (from overly-ripe bananas)
  • Lunch: Delicata squash/broccolini
  • Afternoon snack: Krab/lemon
  • Pre-workout snack: Carrots/celery/guacamole

10. No-cook weekly mealprep? Possible! @thewittyknit

  • Costco rotisserie chicken
  • Kale salad with peppers and chopped strawberries in balsamic vinegar, hardboiled eggs, and rotisserie chicken
  • Pinklady apples
Limited Time Special Discount on ALL products.
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