#Mealprepmondays: 10 Heavenly Food Prep Ideas (March, Week 1)

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1. Keep winning each week with healthy meals. @pancakebuttfit

Top to Bottom:

  • 2 Kashi Blueberry waffles in one & 2 Cinnamon waffles in the other
  • 2 maple turkey sausage patties, Walden Farms syrup in small container
  • Baked turkey breast tenderloin, brown rice, peas & carrots drizzled with soy sauce
  • 96/4 lean ground beef w/taco seasoning, corn tortillas, and salsa and cheese in small containers

2. 5 days of healthy food for the wife. @dlew.fit

Breakfast: a scoop of protein mixed with water, piece of fruit, and either oatmeal or toast.
Lunch and Dinner: either Lemon baked Cod or Chicken Breast with a sweet potato.
Snacks: either Almonds and Walnuts, Sweet Peppers, or Carrots and Celery.

3. Mix and matching meals for a flavorful week ahead! @_ohsofitt

Mix and match prep because let’s face it, eating the same meal combination everyday gets boring!

Carbs: Honey roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and jasmine rice.
Protein: Grilled chicken, pan seared salmon, and lean ground turkey
Veggies: Steamed broccoli, lemon pepper asparagus, and green beans.

4. Cookbook referencing to come up with these lovely meals! @nikkkkki3

Recipes from Gourmet Nutrition cook book

Breakfast: Peaches and Cream Omelette pg. 52. The eggs/egg whites have cinnamon and honey mixed in, then there is low-fat cottage cheese, diced peaches, crushed pecans. There was too much filling so it’s a side fruit salad with some plain yogurt you’re supposed to top the eggs with. Usually sweet breakfasts aren’t my jam but it’s pretty good!

Lunch: Carrots, Orange and Ginger Soup with Chicken. Pg. 134.

Snacks: Chocolate and Raspberry Protein Yogurt. It’s chocolate protein powder mixed in to plain yogurt (added a bit of cocoa powder since it wasn’t very chocolate-y) topped with raspberries and a few (less than a tbsp) dark chocolate chips for a treat.

Dinner: Steamed Sole (pg. 156 – it’s supposed to be halibut but they didn’t have any at the counter today) and sesame broccoli with feta (pg. 188). It’s low fat feta, craisins, lemon juice, sesame oil and sesame seeds all mixed together. The broccoli was steamed and you eat it served warm.

5. It’s all about enjoying and not overthinking the process! @kate_casadebling

Between my meals shown and my breakfast I will hit 112 g leaving only 32g which I will usually fill with a midday snack or a pre workout snack. It’s that simple.. When my protein goals are 200g (I just add additional ounces of meat, etc. to my meals) or may throw in a post workout protein shake or before bed.

  • 96/4 lean ground beef taco bowls
  • Light fettuccini with crock pot chicken
  • Peas

6. It’s like already ordering in advance your meals for the week minus the great expenses and unhealthy food. @lauren_annah

  • Lean ground turkey and black mean mix
  • Lean ground beef with sour cream & onion potatoes
  • Pesto chicken breast with low fat mozzarella and of course green bean, also some low fat cottage cheese and Tapatio to top

7. Go-to meals for a successful prepping session! @foodprepprincess

Ground chicken (or turkey) is definitely one of my go to meats for prepping. From meatloaf and chili to meatballs, burgers and stuffed peppers it can be a great choice for prepping. It’s versatile, quick and most meals made with ground chicken keep well in the fridge and freezer.

8. Beast mode on each and every meal prep! @fit_twins_in_beastmode

  • Jerk chicken with grilled pineapple
  • Grilled pork with cilantro pineapple lime coconut brown rice
  • Coffee rubbed steak
  • Plenty of veggies

9. A day in a plant-based life. @dianasfitdish

On the photo: Broccoli & Red Potato Frittata with an orange

Food in a day:
6:30am: Blueberry Banana Quinoa Bake
9:30am: Vegan Shakeology + Spinach + Fruit
12:00pm: Frittata + Orange OR Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili
3:00pm: Veggies + Hummus
6:00pm: Lentil & Roasted Cauliflower Tacos OR Chickpea Burgers & Asparagus

10. YES to this stunning meal prep! @iloveflorida21_gettingfit

Meal 1: Stir fry with a 5 blend quinoa rice mix and cucumbers.
Meal 2: Baby potatoes, chicken and either beans or Brussels sprouts.

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