#Mealprepmondays: 10 Flavorful Food Prep Ideas (April, Week 3)

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1. Neat spread for a clean-eating week. @tisonders

  • Meal 1: Paprika Chickpeas, Carrots, Red Cabbage
  • Meal 2: Vegan “Spaghetti & Meatballs” (soba noodles & quinoa bean balls)

2. 12 hours of healthy food. @caligirlgetsfit

  • Breakfast: Breakfast scramble has potatoes, tofu, spinach, and eggs!
  • Lunch: Noodle stir fry – includes veggies and chicken!
  • Snack: Baby bananas and some almonds!
  • Protein shake:  @womensbest protein shake before workout
  • Dinner: Baked chicken, potatoes, roasted veggies, quinoa.
  • Snack: pomegranate!

3. Bulk away. @fitfunology

  • Breakfast: oats bowl with banana, almond butter, strawberries, blueberries, with a side of eggs and a little packet of hummus (not pictured).
  • Lunch: indian style chickpeas (obsessed with chickpeas these days).
  • Dinner: mexican shredded chicken
  • Post workout: chocolate chips, frozen banana, scoop of green superfood, 2 scoops of chocolate flavor protein, almond milk, and coffee (The picture will be with my workout video).
  • Snack 1: prosciutto, cheese, and olives with a banana and a cutie.
  • Snack 2: mediterranean chickpea salad jar.

4. Some things to think about when planning your meals! @meowmeix

  • Dairy – while I usually limit my dairy overall, some types are better for you than others. Look for raw unpasteurized products that aren’t stripped of minerals & nutrients. Greek yogurt and cottage cheese will be easier for your body to digest since they have probiotics, just watch out for added sugars.
  • Leafy greens – I try to add to at least 2 of my meals if not more, usually foods like kale, spinach, broccoli or broccoli sprouts. They’re packed with fiber, folic acid, vitamins & minerals and a host of phytochemicals, such as lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene.
  • Carbs – While carbohydrates have be pinned as the devil 😈, it’s important to feed your body the right amount or it can go into starvation mode & hold on to fat even more. So unless you’re doing a ketogenesis diet, make sure to plan the proper amount. I like to eat a heavier amount of carbs post workout like with the protein pancakes & berries and fill the rest of the day with my carbs from veggies. Then a popcorn party at night because it’s delicious & low cal

5. Indian food craving satisfied! @wanderingweights

Chicken+sweet potato curry with cauliflower rice and hummus!


  • 1. Go to Trader Joe’s and buy curry simmer sauce 🙌🏻
  • 2. I steamed some sweet potatoes (I used 325 g) before so it wouldn’t take me as long to cook them in the sauce
  • 3. Cut up chicken for the week (I used 183g each day). Pro tip: WEIGH your chicken before cooking it
  • 4. Cut up 1/2 yellow onion
  • 5. Add curry simmer sauce to a deep dish pan, add 1 cup of water, add chicken, onion and sweet potatoes
  • 6. Put a lid on it and cook on medium heat until chicken is cooked through
    For a thicker sauce you can just take the lid off for a few minutes and let it thicken up as the water evaporates.
    For cauliflower rice I just buy it at Trader Joe’s and cook it in a skillet for 5 min on medium heat and add whatever seasoning I want to it!
    And the hummus is homemade and it’s just a vitamix recipe.
    In 30 min you’re done making your lunch for the week and it’s quick, easy and delicious!

6. $20 for 8 meals?! Yes! @markzwong

  • First meal: Veggie pasta, meatballs, corn.
  • Second meal: ground beef, tofu, and steamed white rice.

7. Meal Diary with only 1830 Cals! @fit_pham

  • Post-workout: #womensbest vegan protein shake and a banana.
  • Breakfast: Savory oatmeal. Yeah, that’s right, you read it correctly. SAVORY. It’ll change your world, y’all.
  • Snack 1: Good ole Lara bar and Icelandic yogurt. The yogurt is SO GOOD and was on super sale at Sprouts so I decided to buy one
  • Lunch: Garlic mashed potatoes, tofu + nutritional yeast, roasted carrots and green beans.
  • Snack 2: Hummus + Trader Joe’s plaintain chips.
  • Dinner: Eat Banza chickpea pasta + lentil tomato sauce + spinach.

8. Back to business of eating healthy. @cal_l_ista

9. So much yummy goodness in a photo! @zer02sixty

  • Grilled Marinated Steak Bites
  • Grilled Shrimp
  • Spinach w/peppers & onions
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Almonds
  • Greek Yogurt
  • A gallon of water per day

10. This is how you make meal prepping look like bomb! @neu_ron_

  • Meal1: EggWhite pie slices & 6oz Steel Cut Oats
  • Meal2: 99/1 Turkey Chili & 4oz Brown Rice + wholy guacamole
  • Meal 3: Healthy Shepherds Pie. 96/4 Beef, diced Potatoes, peas and grilled onions
  • Meal4: Southwest Pulled Chicken & 4oz brown rice
  • Meal5: Chicken Pasta Salad. 3oz Barilla Protein pasta, peas, corn, olives, feta cheese, broccoli and shredded chicken breast (post workout)
  • Snack 1: Light&Fit Greek Yogurt
  • Snack 2: Quest Bar
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