10 Silly Meal Prepping Myths Busted!

10 Laughable Meal Prep Myths Busted
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When we jump into something new, we often have certain restrictions about it. We are not sure what to expect and when we hear something bad about the thing we were already contemplating about, that can really temper our enthusiasm. There are lot of myths going around in fitness, and meal prepping could not avoid its fate either. But how valid are those? Hopefully below you will find the answer you were looking for.

  1. Always Eating the Same Meal

    One of the most common misconceptions about meal prepping. The truth is that there are healthy food ingredients in the world that you will likely never even hear about, so why would you limit yourself by eating the same meal thrice every day, each week? You shouldn’t. Those who eat the same, chose to make the same.

  2. Healthy Food is not Delicious or Tasty

    They are ingredients. What you make of them will ultimately come down to your recipe, abilities and some plan ole’ luck. Unhealthy food can taste really bad or amazing, and of course the same is true about healthy meals. Try out new seasonings and spices.

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  3. Eating Right is Expensive

    A stubborn myth but that does not make it true. There are plenty of healthy foods that aren’t especially expensive, and if you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of variety for your long term goals, you can actually get amazing results even on a budget, eating nothing but healthy ingredients.

  1. Meal Prepping Takes Way Too Long

    Sure, if you don’t do any cooking, ever; compared to that meal prepping will take up a lot of your time. If you, however, already prepare your own meals, you will likely even save some, since you will prepare a whole week worth of food in a couple of hours!

  1. It’s Just Too Hard!

    Can meal prepping feel like a job sometimes? Sure, just like anything else in life when you have to do it at an inconvenient time. From a cooking standpoint, and especially compared to your everyday kitchen chores, meal prepping will actually be easier; start small with just 1 day of meals! … Otherwise you can opt to paying local experienced meal preppers or even big time meal prep delivery services like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh!


  1. It Doesn’t Matter What you Eat until you Train Hard

    That’s a huge fallacy and it usually leads to endless bulking cycles, or in a less politically correct phrase; getting fat. It is true that your gym hours will be extremely important, but diet will always triumph over it as far as their individual importance goes.

  1. Logistics is a Pain

    There are products that were actually designed to alleviate those concerns. They are called meal prepping bags and these accessories are not just convenient from a logistics standpoint, but can actually help in keeping your food fresh.

  1. The Food Loses its Taste

    How one prepares his or her food, will always be the most important determining factor of taste. If you work with fresh and healthy ingredients, your food quality will surely stay edible longer while simultaneously remaining tasty.

  1. Food will Spoil Quick

    Again, preparation is key. If you want to cook something that will have to last for three or four days, you can prepare it in a certain way so it will stay fresh longer. The above mentioned meal prep management bags can also aide in slowing down inevitable spoilage.

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  1. You will Spend Most of your Time Shopping

    When you know what you want to buy (and you will with a meal prep plan), your shopping sessions will actually become shorter and they’ll be less frequent as well. We suggest either mentally mapping or even sketching out the grocery store you frequent the most with key locations of various ingredients/items and using a paper or digital grocery list to make your shopping experience much more cost and time efficient!

Are there any additional meal prep myths & misconceptions that we have missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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