10 Life Changing Benefits from Learning How to Meal Prep

10 Life Changing Benefits from Learning How to Meal Prep
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Meal prepping is getting more and more popular these days. Which was once the privilege of professional body builders is now a legitimate option for basically anyone. With the advancement of mobile applications, meal delivery services and meal prep management accessories, you can plan your diet to the tee, maximizing your results during a process that provides plenty of notable advantages over traditional fitness regimens.


  1. Mental aspects: If you are into fitness, you know full well that reaching your fitness goals will come down to a couple of key details like your performance in the gym, and your diet. What and how much of it you eat is too important for you to not be consistent about it. A plan will bring that much needed consistency which, in turn, will help you feel better about yourself.


  1. Time doesn’t stop for anyone: It is 2016, and most of us lead very busy lives. Contrary to the unfounded belief, meal prepping can actually be a huge time saver. Once you know exactly what you will eat throughout the week, the time you have to spend shopping will dramatically decrease.


  1. A healthier life: when you plan your diet, you eliminate the unexpected and the unwanted. Those who don’t have a plan tend to eat more empty calories whereas someone who puts in the time, will realize that in order to reach their goals, they have to be more disciplined.


  1. Saves money: Once you start meal prepping you will realize just how much money you spend on unnecessary food items. The ingredients won’t become cheaper overnight, but the new mental mindset you acquire will allow you to buy only, and only what you truly need, leaving your wallet in a much better shape.


  1. Portions: Meal prepping means that you have a goal, a goal that likely has to include portion control. That could mean eating less to lose weight (the more likely scenario) or eating more to gain muscle. Once you develop a quality meal prep plan, you will know exactly what kind of food you need and how much calories you’ll need to consume in order to achieve that goal. Portion control is much easier when you don’t have to improvise. See our picks for the best food prep containers of 2015 .

Visual Guide to Estimating Portion Size for Meal Prepping


  1. Build your body more effectively: If you have bodybuilding aspirations, meal prepping is basically a must have for you. You can have the best training regimen the world has ever seen, it will mean very little if your diet is not consistent. The vast majority of bodybuilders are on a meal prep plan. They do that because it gets results.


  1. Losing fat: if you want to lose fat, you need to be in a caloric deficit. Duh, right? What if I told you that it’s much easier to be in a caloric deficit when you know how much calories you consume, and it is much easier to know how much calories you consume if you are on a meal prep plan? Your ability to know this detail will be the most important determining factor of your diet. That is what weight-loss comes down to and that is why you see all those meal prep pictures on Instagram next to shredded peeps.


  1. A more interesting diet: When you are meal prepping, you get to know a lot about certain ingredients, not to mention being introduced to new ones. One of the coolest aspects of meal prepping is people realizing that clean eating is actually much more exciting than improvised dieting. You quickly adapt and learn to create easy and delicious new recipes. Flexible dieting is also something that works better with a meal prep plan, because it ensures that no matter what you ate, you still met your macros and caloric needs for the day. This is extremely hard to pull off without a plan intact. Get started with 470+ recipes for paleo dieting!


  1. Fitness aspirations: If you want to compete as a fitness athlete, meal prep is something you simply cannot avoid. In order to reach your goals, you need consistency. In the gym and in your diet as well. One cannot work without the other, and in order to give your body what it needs each and every, you need to have a plan in place.


  1. Improved willpower: Another mental aspect that probably gets severely underrated when it comes to diets and fitness in general, is willpower. When you can pull off a certain diet for weeks if not months, not just keeping the course but actually planning the whole thing and see it through; that will strengthen not just your body but will improve your willpower too.
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